Ray Holman

Teaching in Fatima College afforded me the opportunity to interface with two of our celebrated National icons, Brian Lara and Ray Holman. I saw Brian grow to become my favourite batsman of all time. As for Ray, not only was he my colleague but we worked in the same department, shared Form Six Spanish and we sat side by side for most of my career. What an honour to be in the company of a musical genius, a recipient of a National Award!

Ray was one of several middle-class college boys who lurked around the panyard at a time when the panman was considered an “outcast”. Ellie Mannette invited him into Invaders Panyard and his musical career simply took off. He was soon organizing a steelband concert in QRC. At age 16, he was arranging for Invaders, even composing his own tune Ray’s Saga for the band. This was a precursor of things to come.

Ray moved on to Starlift where his talent continued…

Ray Holman

In typical BBC style, the British network interviewed Ray about pan and his role in developing the art form. The context presenter Jo FIdgen used in an edition of the BBC program Outlook, was go look at the violent clashes that occurred in the early days of the steel band movement. Outlook's Nicki Paxman interviewed Ray at his Woodbrook home, and he played his mellow double seconds for her.

Ray talked about Panorama and his role in it both as an arranger and as a composer. He reminisced about joining Invaders in 1957 as a  player and later as an arranger in 1961. Sharing his host's message, he also talked about a steel band clash between Starlift and Invaders in 1972. 

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