Ray teams up with Designer for Panorama 2007

As he did last year with If We Really Want, Ray is again teaming up with singer Keith "Designer" Prescott to produce another calypso that is thoughtful social commentary.

The composition, We Just Cant Go On Like This, is a call to action, prompting responsible citizens to take a stand and do something about Trinidad & Tobago’s social ills.

Although he says he isn’t casting blame, the calypso is clearly  another admonition from the composer, who is clearly troubled by the rampant crime and lawlessness TT is experiencing at this time. A former educator, Ray likes to write lyrics to his own music.

Ray believes strongly that the country has reached a point of no return, and praying for peace and love because “We just can’t go on like this.”

Ray is arranging the composition for Starlift Steel Orchestra for the 2007 steelband music Panorama Competition.